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Prime Big Deal Days Sale Coming in October

Last week Amazon announced that they will be having another big sale this October as a lead-up to their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Prime Big Deal Days will take place in October however no dates have been disclosed yet. Last year Amazon's big October sale took place on October 11th and 12th.

The sale will take place across 19 countries that Amazon does business in and will feature thousands of deals exclusively for Prime members, similar to their annual Prime Day sale. Of course we'll have comprehensive coverage of this sale so stay tuned as October and Q4 gets closer.

  Posted 8/18/23 in Industry News

Countdown: 100 Days Remaining Until Black Friday

Today marks the 100 day milestone in the countdown to Black Friday 2023, whatever that day will mean this year. There's still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to retailers' holiday plans. Aside from a few stores again announcing Thanksgiving closings, we have very little insight into their plans.

If you'd like to start discussing what Black Friday and holiday shopping might look like this year, our Black Friday message board is already open. We're discussing our thoughts on what the deals will look like and much more. You can also join is on our Discord server for even more chatting.

  Posted 8/16/23 in Black Friday

Best Buy's New Memberships are Live with Exclusive Deals

Best Buy has launched their new memberships. The basic membership includes free shipping on all orders. My Best Buy Plus costs $49.99 per year and includes free 2-day shipping, member-only deals, early access to sales and more. My Best Buy Total costs $179.99 per year and gets you 24/7 Geek Squad support and other perks of dubious value.

Best Buy already has Plus and Total member exclusive deals that are live including buy 2, get 1 free on Nintendo Switch games including preorders, 15% off video game gift cards and many deals on tech, home and more from brands such as Apple LG and Samsung. We expect Best Buy to really push these memberships as Black Friday gets closer.

  Posted 6/29/23 in Industry News

Overstock Acquires Bed Bath & Beyond, To Change Name announced that they have acquired Bed Bath & Beyond's brand and other intellectual property and intend to rebrand to Bed Bath & Beyond over the coming weeks.

Overstock's new web address will be and their rewards program will change from Club O to Welcome Rewards, which was the name of Bed Bath & Beyond's rewards program before they went out of business.

  Posted 6/29/23 in Industry News

Halfway to Black Friday - Only 6 Months To Go!

Today marks the halfway point of the countdown to Black Friday 2023. We're exactly 6 months away from November 24th which is the date Black Friday falls on this year.

Of course Black Friday itself has become much less important in recent years as sales are starting earlier and are spread over a longer period. While you wait, here's an article with some general tips for scoring holiday shopping deals.

We'll be be "officially" starting our Black Friday and holiday shopping coverage in the fall but we'll continue to post any relevant updates here in the meantime.

  Posted 5/24/23 in Black Friday

Best Buy Unveils New My Best Buy Memberships

Best Buy has revamped their membership program today by adding a a new mid-level tier. The base My Best Buy tier in unchanged and still gets you free shipping with no minimum purchase.

The new My Best Buy Plus membership costs $49.99 per year and gets you early access to sales, exclusive deals, free 2-day shipping and an extended return period. Finally, the My Best Buy Total is $179.99 per year and is a renamed version of their existing TotalTech membership.

  Posted 5/11/23 in Industry News

Opponents Announced for First Black Friday NFL Game

Today the NFL and Amazon announced that the opponents for the first ever Black Friday NFL game on Amazon's Prime Video streaming platform will be the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. The game will take place at 3pm EST on November 24th.

We knew a few months ago that there would be a game on Black Friday but the opponents were not revealed until today. Amazon will give everyone free access to this game, even if you don't have a Prime membership. We expect plenty of crossover promotion of Amazon's Black Friday deals during the broadcast.

  Posted 5/10/23 in Black Friday

Hallmark Dream Book 2023 Ornament Catalog Posted

It's Christmas in... April? as we've just posted the 72-page Hallmark Dream Book 2023 Catalog. This catalog features their lineup of Keepsake ornaments. This is Hallmark's 50th Anniversary of their Keepsake ornaments so look for some special ornaments to commemorate that milestone.

Most of the ornaments in the catalog are available starting in either July or October on - see the individual ornament in the catalog as it will tell you when it will be going on sale. Some of the Keepsake ornaments will only be available at physical Hallmark stores as well.

  Posted 4/14/23 in Sale Ads & News

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New this year, we suggest you follow our new TikTok account. We plan on using this account to post short video updates about hot deals, new sales, leaked Black Friday ads, store stock status and much more. Plus exclusive contents!

It's just another way you can find out when we post new important site updates. Of course the best way to learn about new updates to the site is with our mailing list. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and join our Discord server.

  Posted 4/3/23 in Site News

Relive Past Black Fridays with the Black Friday Archive

We received many requests over the years from our visitors who wanted to be able to browse older Black Friday ads from previous years. To answer those requests, we created the Black Friday Archive. The site is a great place to get your Black Friday fix during the "offseason".

This is a simple easy-to-use site that lets you browse our complete archive of past Black Friday sale ads. The Black Friday Archive currently goes back to 2004 and has over 1,300 historical ads. Want even more? Our forum has 19 years worth of archived Black Friday discussion.

  Posted 4/3/23 in Black Friday

Join the GottaDEAL Discord Server & Chat With Us!

In case you are unaware, we have a GottaDEAL Discord server for those of you who'd like to chat in real-time about Black Friday and anything else with other GottaDEAL visitors and forum members. You can access the server via this invite link and we hope to see many of you in the chat.

For those who are unfamiliar with Discord, it is a free text, voice and video chat service. You can access it via their apps or through a traditional web browser. Once you sign up for an account you can join the GD server using the special invite link.

  Posted 4/3/23 in Site News

Black Friday Message Boards Are Now Open for 2023!

As we do every year around this time, we have officially opened up our main Black Friday message board for this year. You can check out all the early Black Friday discussion here.

You can start discussing your predictions for this year, any Black Friday news that comes up and much more. Also be on the lookout for our first contests of the year as well. See you there!

  Posted 4/3/23 in Black Friday

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Join over 120,000 other GottaDEAL visitors by liking our Facebook page. We've been using the Facebook page as another way to find out about some of the latest updates we've posted including new posted ads, online sales going live and much more.

We also have Facebook-exclusive contests where you can win our famous Black Friday t-shirts, gift cards and more prizes. You can also use Facebook as another way to contact us. We also recommend you follow us on Twitter and Instagram and join our fun Discord server.

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While you may already be subscribed to our Black Friday newsletter, we also have our Instant Deal Alerts mailing list which you can learn more about and sign up for on this page. The Instant Deal Alerts let you know about Black-Friday level deals that pop up during the rest of the year.

These newsletters are sent out on an as-needed basis so during the slower time of the year you might only hear from us once or twice per month. We send them out when there are enough very hot deals happening at one time to warrant letting you know. Subscribe for free right here.

  Posted 4/3/23 in Site News

Savings Tip: Get a Deal-Friendly Credit Card

One of the best ways to maximize your savings during Black Friday season and all year long is to make sure you have a good cash-back credit card. Use these credit cards for your purchases and you will earn additional cash back beyond the usual big Black Friday savings found each year.

Many of these cards have big signup bonuses if you spend a certain amount in the first few months with the card, so sign up for any of these cards today and you can use your holiday spending to meet these bonus goals easily. Check out GottaCreditCard for an list of our current favorites.

  Posted 4/3/23 in Site News

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This year we invite you to follow GottaDEAL on Instagram. We plan on using our Instagram account for some fun things this year including exclusive contests, as well as sharing the latest news and rumors about whatever Black Friday ends up looking like this year.

It's also another way you can find out when we post new leaked ads, catalogs and more. Of course the best way to learn about new updates to the site is with our mailing list. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and join our Discord server to chat with other GDers.

  Posted 4/3/23 in Site News

History of Black Friday, Cyber Monday & More

While you have a few months to pass the time until the sales start, why not do some reading about the history of these big days? First, check out the history of Black Friday and learn about the birth of Black Friday as a term in Philadelphia.

Next, the history of Cyber Monday is more recent with early years being known for lackluster sales. The history of Amazon's Prime Day is also more contemporary and after a few early rocky years it has become a big sale period each year.

Finally, as this is GottaDEAL's 20th year of existence, check out a brief history of GottaDEAL and join us as we celebrate two decades of deals over the next year. We're proud to be the oldest independent deal site still around.

  Posted 4/3/23 in Site News

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